A group of survivors that have taken refuge in an Atlanta High School, this group of survivors is attempting to rebuild Atlanta, and hopefully gain more survivors to not only ride out the apocalypse, but defeat it. This group is a lot less ruthless than the Hospitallers, and while it remains to be seen how the two will get along, the ARM has no interest in killing the living unless they have too.

Base of OperationsEdit

The ARM have set up shop in an old high school, using desks, bookshelves, filing cabinets and other such objects to barricade the windows and doors. Using roof access they keep a twenty four hour watch, and while there's no clear leadership, the younger members tend to do as the older ones say. There is a small garden in the pavillion of the school, that before the apocalypse was a science project, and is now a source of food for the survivors.


Aries Esha

Darcy Martinez

Pandora Graham

Heath Rivers

Hunter Charter

Willow Charter

Jonah McCarty

Calvin Crawford