Albert Dixon
"Now you do what I tell you to boy, and don't give me no lip."
Full Name Albert Dixon
Aliases/Nickname The Devil
Gender Male
Race Put down walker
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Son Daryl Dixon

Randall Dixon

Merle Dixon

 Papa Dixon


Albert is an old man with a weathered face, and while at one time he was a walker, in Randall's hallucaination's of him he's still in his 40's. He's bald, and wears his old favorite leather jacket. He has light stubble on his chin, and a scar under one cheek. He tends to wear blue jeans, with steel toed boots underneath, and a studded belt.


Albert's a rather mean and bitter old man. When he was alive he spent most of his time being drunk and abusing or neglecting his children, running off with whatever random woman he'd managed to hook up with at the time. In Randall's hallucinations, Albert tends to be less physically abusive and more degrading, insulting Randall and playing on his insecurities, as well as constantly degrading Randall's mother.