Jesus Freak!

Blythe Autumn Blakely
"God has a greater plan for us. We need to have faith that he will guide us through these dark times." -Blythe talking to her younger sister.
Gender Female
Race Human
Orientation Straight
Birthday March, 16
Hometown Madison, Georgia
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Complexion Fair peach skin, soft
Body Type Slender
Height 5'5
Weight 110
Father Peter Blakely
Mother Elisabeth Blakely
Brother Isaac Blakely

Seth Blakely

Sister Katherine Blakely

Mary Blakely



Blythe is a very sweet and king-hearted girl having a virtuous attitude that stems from her religious views. She was raised in a Christian family living a relatively sheltered life, her father being the minister for the local 7th day Adventist Church. She was the middle daughter of a family of seven; two sisters and two younger brothers. Because of this she always seemed to be the quiet one in her family with the least amount of focus on her. She was always soft and kind-hearted never strayed from the religious path her parents raised her on. Growing up had been quite easy for her, never really had too many issues with rebellion as she always tended to be more innocent.

Blythe seems to be very close to her religious views and often resorts to her faith during difficult times. She usually will quote versus from the bible. She is very passive aggressive and is very much the type to be against immoral acts of violence. At times she can often seem self-righteous or prudent about things, which can often lead to small verbal disputes if someone feels she is looking down on them. Blythe will voice her opinions when she feels they are necessary, especially if someone is planning to do something immoral. Blythe can be very naïve; trusting people even if she hardly knows them, which can be attributed more towards her sheltered life and inexperience with untrustworthy people. This can often get her in trouble if she trusts the wrong person. Blythe is also very protective of her virginity and gets very uncomfortable when people talk about sex or things related to it. She has strong views about fornication and believes that marriage should come before sex.

Even after the apocalypse, Blythe maintains her religious views and believes that whatever is happening that it’s all part of gods great plan, and she puts all her faith in him.


Blythe has bright blonde hair that’s long, reaching past her shoulders and is usually kept down. Her eyes are a sapphire blue and have a subtle innocent shape. She has fair soft peach skin with a soft complexion with a cute nose and full pink guiltless lips. She stands about 5”5 and weight about 110 having a very slender shape. For clothing she is normally more modest and will wear jeans with a blouse or sometimes different dresses she has however been known to wear a spaghetti-strap dress. 


  • Food
  • Blanket
  • Flashlight
  • Clothing
  • Bible



  • Religious Support: She can often be uplifting and positive with her religious faith that she will shine on others when she feels it is needed. Although this is a great quality, it can also have the opposite effect.

  • Cooking and Cleaning

  • Photographic Memory

  • Singing