Calvin Crawford
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"He's the reason I wanted to be a cop. People like him... They don't deserve freedom." Calvin talking to Heath about his father.
Gender Male
Birthday June 3rd
Height 6'0
Blood Type B-
Play By Oscar Lindbald

Lonely Loverboy


Calvin is a quiet and reclusive man, tending to avoid most people, not really wanting to deal with them. He is often tired, and rarely gets any sleep. Calvin enjoys soccer and drawing, and the only point in which he interacts with other people is when he's playing soccer, or working. Since Law disappeared, Calvin's sure she's dead, and for this reason has become somewhat withdrawn and mournful, and generally given up hope.

Calvin has recently distracted himself from this using Heath, a man who looks a lot like himself. Calvin has adopted the man as a long lost brother. Calvin has made himself a sort of student to Heath, and is attempting to get the man to teach him how to profile as well as how to shoot.


Calvin is tall and lanky to the point of being scrawny. He has a sculpted look to his face and dark eye syndrome that makes him look like he doesn't sleep. Calvin almost never smiles, though Heath's able to coax one every now and then. Calvin keeps his hair short rather than the long hair that Heath keeps, and is almost always seen dark sunglasses in order to avoid having people comment on his dark eye Syndrome.


Runner- Before the world went to shit, Calvin was a soccer player, and very athletic.

Cook- While not as good a cook as his former boss, he did pick up a few things.

Fishing- Calvin's a fan of fishing, even if he doesn't get around to doing it often.


Lawrence Taylor-Ascher- Lawrence, or as he called her Law, was Calvin's girlfriend. Emancipated and living on his own, Calvin was beginning to sink in debt until Law moved in with him to help. Law was Calvin's entire world, and when the zombie apocalypse hit their town, Calvin came home from work to find Law and her car gone and blood on the walls. He's still working to get over this.

Doug Crawford- Calvin's father. An abusive and angry drunk, Calvin's father often attacked both himself and his mother, causing a deep resentment towards him. When his mother died, Calvin got himself emancipated at seventeen to escape his father's wrath. However, one good thing that's come out of Doug's life is that while Calvin still doesn't know who he wants to be, he now knows who he doesn't want to be.

Heath Rivers- Calvin's doppelganger, and the man Calvin's adopted as his older brother. Calvin has opened up more to Heath than anyone else, and wants the man to be his mentor. Calvin has expressed an itnerest in learning profiling from Heath.


Photo booth strip of himself and lawrence

Firepoker from home

His old Prius