Derick Riordan
"You wanna play big boss lady and run around this town like you own the place, go ahead, but leave my family out of it."
Full Name Derick Riordan
Pain in the ass of Woodbury


Derick tends to be... Abrasive. Having a huge temper issue, going out of your way to irritate him will usually end with the two of you fighting, and he doesn't take kindly to people messing with his family. However, at home Derick is even more brutal, and will often abuse his son or brother, beating them savagely if they disobey or make him look bad.

Derick tends to look after himself or his family, ignoring all else, especially Woodbury. While he'll do the occasional odd job, it's only if it can help protect himself and his supplies along with Woodbury. As far as the leaders of Woodbury are concerned, Derick isn't. He doesn't care about who's in charge, or even if the town's stil there, as long as no one steals from him.