Jayden Anders
Jay von large
Race Human, although questionable at times.
Birthday June 4th
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 135 lbs.
Blood Type A+
Family Damon Anders
Professional Status
Tattoo artist and overall jackass.


Play by: Jay von Monroe

Hair: Dark brown/Black

Eyes: Ice Blue

Complexion: Pale

Body Type: Athletic/slender

Height: 5'11

Weight: 135

Clothing: Just like his brother, Jayden prefers dark clothing with wicked prints on them. Band t's, skinny jeans, decorative belts and leather. Instead of sneakers, it's boots and chucks, sometimes vans but not much else.


  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Lighter
  • Piercing needles
  • Chains
  • Crowbar
  • Handgun and ammo

Overall: Jayden has long blackish brown hair and is rather pale when put up against his brother. He doesn't keep a beard or mustache and he's heavily pierced and tattooed. Each of them having their own different meaning and usually done by friends around his tattoo shop. He's nowhere near as chiseled as Damon but makes up for his brother's strength by being fast and able to dodge. He always has a very interesting belt on and a passion for showing himself off.


Jayden is a rough and tumble kinda guy with a pent up rage in him, he'll go off on someone if he believes them to be insulting him. He loves fighting and it usually makes his eyes light up in strange ways. He can be overbearing with those that he likes and has been known to worry himself literally to the point of vomiting. He is like Damon when it comes to flirting with people and he doesn't care if he finds them attractive or not, they'll be flirted with. He's nowhere near as dominant as Damon and can be seen as a bit submissive when met the right way over a subject. He becomes confused easily and tries to brush it off by pretending that the incident never happened.



  • Hard Hitter: Unlike Damon, he doesn't handle guns and he's never really been trained in Martial Arts, but he's picked up a few street fighting techniques from different people that come into his shop. He can hit hard and fast with any hand held object along with his own fists.


Jayden, while living in Atlanta, found that he was very much into the scene of sex, drugs and rock & roll. He partied like a rockstar even though he never was one and probably never would have been. He was good at playing the guitar and singing almost anything that had been listened to by him at least once. If he didn't know the lyrics, he would've just made them up on the spot to sound good. When the walkers overran his shop, he escaped Atlanta within the first night, looting all the way through until his duffle bag was full of things. He took off and didn't bother to look for Damon, knowing his brother would be fine.