Justin Hicks
"Remind me Miss Barker, who's his father again?" To Sable about Alex
Birthday July 1st
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Blood Type A-
Family Alexander Hicks (Son)
Professional Status

Snake in the Grass


Justin is seen as a quiet and reserved man, easily irritated, and incredibly manipulative. While he doesn't command as much obedience or respect as the Governor, Justin is seen as an incredibly dangerous man by most, and still manages to keep a decent level of control over those underneath him. Justin's only thought is on survival, to the point that he abandoned his son with the other kids on the baseball team, telling them he would find help, only to head off to find somewhere safe, believing the kids would only weigh him down.

Justin has a habit of pretending to be nice and polite in public, though in private his real identity as a cold hearted man begins to shine through. Also, regardless of what he does Justin always has his own way of justifying his actions, and is usually seen as untouchable as when he does commit a crime, he doesn't leave enough evidence to convict him with.


Justin is an older looking man, with black hair that's beginning to gray around the edges. He has dark brown eyes, with gray facial hair, and is most often seen wearing formal attire. He's missing his left leg from below the knee, having been bit once, and has a cheap prosthetic, which he uses alongside a cane to restore mobility. Despite this disability, Justin is still a dangerous man, carrying a cane sword with him, as well as a baseball bat attached to his belt loop.


Alexander Hicks- Justin's son, and an eternal disappointment to the man. Justin has tried time and time again to weed out Alex's pacifism, though every attempt has failed, and that coupled with Alex's stealing has robbed Justin of patience where Alex is concerned. In the eyes of Sable and Emma, Justin's abusive towards Alex, though in Justin's own eyes, tough love is needed to teach Alex.

Sable Barker- "How about this Miss Barker, I'll worry about raising my son, and you can worry about raising... Oh, that's right. You don't have any children." Justin poking at Sable's lack of kids and attachment to Alex. Sable has voiced a hatred of Justin on several occasions, to the point of assaulting him on one occasion when he locked Alex in a room with a walker. Justin sees Sable's attachment to Alex as disturbing, and believes it's mainly because she has no children of her own.