Kiui is an infant under the care of Ryuuhei Shikuga.

Kiui Banteki
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Base of Operations Seireitei
Personal Status
Bankai None


As of right now, Kiui is an infant and therefore looks very much like a silvery-white haired tomato with bright green-blue eyes. He has a small birthmark on the nape of his neck that looks very much like a strawberry.

When he gets older, Kiui is very lean and stands at 5 feet 10 inches with pale skin and shoulder length silver-white hair. His eyes are almost always shining with curiosity as he's always getting himself into something or other.

He wears a normal shihakusho around but can be found in several different kinds of human clothes, even some that just flat-out don't match but he just doesn't care. 


Since he's still an infant, the only thing he really likes is being rocked, having his milk, and being in a peaceful area. He prefers fuzzy blankets over starchy ones and even likes fuzzy stuffed animals. 

When he's older, Kiui is quirky and likes watching people. When he does, he usually tries coming up with different stories for people that he sees on the streets. He carries around a journal that he writes in where he has his own little stories on people, he even keeps pictures of his sister, Himawari, in it. 

Kiui is hard to anger but when he is, he could rival his father in terms of sheer rage. It's very difficult to get him to this point and Kiui wouldn't really be able to realize when he's past the point of no return. Good thing that he'd rather laugh someone off than get in their face over anything. 

He doesn't mind Arrancar or Fullbringers but believes that the Seireitei is overrated and filled with more than enough pompous politicians than one realm can handle. 

Kiui knows that his father is in Xcution under the name of Aimus but avoids the other because he would rather have a relationship with someone that remembers him, rather than someone that doesn't know his own history. He becomes very bashful around Aimus but is very talkative around Himawari. His other best friend would be his older half-brother Hikaru and can almost always be seen around him, usually asking questions that have something to do with whatever's going on at that moment.

Kiui aspires to be the 11th Division Captain when he grows up.


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