Kumo Aki
Race Human [Fullbringer]
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 240 lbs.
Professional Status
Personal Status
Kumo Aki is a Fullbringer.


Kumo is a solid stocky kid, thickly built, and when combined with his injurty prone nature he could be described as "durable". As an Ainu, Kumo already has more body hair than the typical japanese adult male at age 16. Hes already sporting a goatee, which when combined with his short bed head style hair gives him an apperance similar to that of an thug of some sort. Hes eyes are a typical dull brown his makes it difficult to see where his focusing most of the time. Like most Ainu he has broader stronger feauters that mainland japanese, and with it comes a large smile and a very toothy grin thats often flashed giving him a friendly apperance.

His fingers are thick but long, and covered in light scars as are most of his fore arms and shins (These scars are most just knicks cuts, and burns he aquierd from his various childhood adventures while exploring forest, and later from his time fixing cars).

Despite his family known distate for it, Kumos sense of dress is very casual and what many would consider blue collar. he Likes loose fit jeans, 3/4 sleeve shirts (preferably t-shirts), and leather driving shoes that lend them selves to running out and about. While he has a metal watch for school, he wears the thick banded leather watch for when hes out on his own.


Kumo is what you would call bright but unfocused. Hes also quite blunt, often for going the winding social norms of traditional japanese culture, and adressing things directly. This can make dealing with conservative people quite... difficult. Thats not to say the hes rude, ernest would be a much better term, hes simply belive that not directly adress problems just cuases them to fester.

In school hes a fairly good student, not disruptive, however he is a cronic doodler and itsnt all that studious about his completing his homework. So while he isnt loved by his teachers and is often chastized, hes not considered a trouble maker and never get in any acutal trouble. Luckly for his class mates the thought of possibly negativly impacting some one else drives him to work much harder than he would for himself.

Now, as find and thoughtful as he is, Kumo like his name suggest isnt something that should be poked at for fun. He does not take kindly to harrassment, and being the ever direct person that he is he will skip vebral confrentation and move strait to "physically" solving the problem.


Kumo Lives with his uncle and maternal grandparents, in Naruki city. His Granfather and Uncle run and own an auto shop, while his Grand mother is a retiered school teacher. His mother died in child birth.

When he was born, he was a plump chubby thing, at nearly ten pounds. Hes rarily cried for anything, with the exception of food,