Southern Spice

"I know what I want and I'm going to get it so get out of my way, asshole!"
Birthday May 15th
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Weight 127 lbs.
Blood Type O+
Family Mother: Dead

Father: Missing

Affiliation N/A
Partner Randall Dixon
Current Location N/A

A vicious bartender and a thorned rose surviving in a world of walkers. 


Play by: Kristin Kreuk

Marcella stands at five foot seven inches and a slender 127 pounds. She is rather slender and sometimes likes to showcase her arms, finding that they're the best part of her. Her hair is shoulder length and a medium brown and is a close second in her opinion. Her eyes are completely uncovered and are a distinct hazel that borders on green.

She has a friendly smile that she loves to share with people and seems to light up her eyes. This makes it easy for people to assume she's a target just because she's a bartender. They couldn't be more wrong in that assumption. When she's at home, she wears a short sleeved shirt with a pair of shorts, the shirt normally being one she's thieved from Randall [which is more often than not]. Around the house, she just wears a pair of underwear and a shirt of some kind unless Merle's home, in which case she grabs pants. 

On her left hand is a normal gold band that's supposed to be for men but Marcella enjoys the simplicity of a gold band rather than a huge diamond on her hand as she can be kind of clumsy sometimes. Marcella normally lets her hair fall wherever it wishes to, but she does tie it back with hair bows or ribbons that she finds.

Marcella can usually be found wearing rough and overworked kind of clothing. She used to wear things like plaid skirts, knee high socks and a pair of black or brown loafers with a shirt that normally matches her skirt. Although now that she's out of her old school and such, the girl doesn't really much care for all that crap. Her school uniform was rather itchy and made her feel like a catholic schoolgirl. 

Having grown up a bit, she manages with jeans, flannel jackets and t-shirts. Her favorite boots are scuffed and king of worn out but they're always nearby. She prefers these to tennis shoes but she'll make do with whatever she can find.


  • 1x large flask of whiskey 
  • 1x large flashlight with extra batteries 
  • 1x box of feminine products
  • 1x Hair brush
  • 3x changes of clothes [one jean/t-shirt set; two shorts sets]
  • 1x crowbar
  • 1x first aid kit
  • 1x K-mart bag of dried food

Personality and SkillsEdit


  • Sight: Marcella, having been incredibly nosey in her high school, fancies her sight to be better than it really is. She can spot things down roads a good mile away, but cannot identify them positively. In the woods, she finds that her sight is better, but still hindered by the leaves.
  • Running: Having been in track, Marcella is a good long distance runner. Sprinting is a completely different story seeing as how she uses far more strength and energy than she really needs in order to get away.
  • Drink Mixing: Since she worked in a bar at the same time the infection began it's uproar, Marcella was the main working bartender. She is rather skilled when it comes to making drinks and even got a bit into figuring out how to purify water after seeing a show on television about it. She isn't bad at water purifying but is far better at mixing drinks of alcohol.

Marcella is normally a pleasant person to be around. She's the kind of girl who would smile at whomever greeted her on the streets. While she might come off as sweet and everyone's sweetheart, there was also a darker side to her. As a high schooler, she was never very afraid of going around and talking to whoever was there, there was really no reason to. Besides, she was the track star! Even though she was a popular girl, there were still a few people she rubbed the wrong way, usually ones that she'd made enemies with while debating either religion, politics, or other social issues. Marcella was known to be a mean and devious girl, talking behind other's backs, making fun of others when she's with very good friends, or even claiming someone was cheating on tests when they really weren't. 

She has since changed to be a half-way decent girl that's a little bit obsessed with being between the sheets with her fiance, Randall. Her jealousy and deviousness makes her judgement clouded a bit when she feels that someone might be trying to take him from her but otherwise, she does okay with stress. She can be somewhat easy to fluster, making her snappy and lash out, but she just needs a few minutes to chill out. When she's flustered, she allows some vicious truths to come out when in this state, just like nearly every other angered woman in the world. Marcella doesn't apologize easily either. If she believes that there's any reason for her to apologize, she feels that the other person or people should apologize as well for what happened. She feels that what goes for one should go for the others as well, whether it be a punishment, an apology, or even a reward.

When around males, Marcella was all smiles and sweetness, trying her best to get whatever she wants from them at whatever cost. Even if it's doing something that belongs in an x-Rated movie. Now, she's learned through the years that she won't always get what she wants and will have to fight for it and get it herself. Marcella turned into a bit of a spitfire after she flunked out of the local college.

If there's another female, she used to feel that she had to impress them and would do whatever she could to look good in their eyes. Now, she just doesn't give a shit and, after having been in a college dorm and worked at the bar, she'd rather punch them in the mouth than have to deal with their shitty little mouths. She never favored attitude from females but now she doesn't favor it with anyone. Marcella will become condescending and sarcastic with a drunk if they pretend they don't know whose woman she is and she's been known to slam glasses on people's heads in the middle of barfights. To deter said barfights, she used to carry a shotgun that was hidden under the bar.


Marcella was born to a very young woman named Alice Kaldwell and a much older father Hank Green. Alice was a partying kind of girl, popular in high school and very much a self-centered bitch. Hank had been very silly to consider a night with her after a football game in the back of one of his friend's pickups. She got pregnant that night and this caused a lot of problems for the two of them, her own parents considering abortion or giving it away. Either way, Alice and Hank ended up leaving west Texas for Georgia. Marcella was the star of their eyes. Her parents cared very much for her and taught her good morals and lessons, as many as they could possibly stuff into her however, this soon ended when middle school started.

As a child, Marcella would sing and dance to her hearts content, often finding herself on video camera or in talent shows. She never won, but found them to be equally enjoyable until she found out about band in fourth grade. Choosing the flute had been easy, but she quickly found that it was far more difficult to play than anything else she could've picked. Marcella was determined though. She put her heart into learning how to play it, even if it annoyed her father to near tears. It was an old item, but it had previously belonged to her mother and before her, grandmother. Marcella was told of its origins in grade school and, while the importance was lost on her then, she still kept it clean and had the flute repaired for play.

Since she was her parents only child after their messy divorce during her middle school days, Marcella was her father's heart and her mother's bane after that. When she moved up into Junior High, she became intensely interested in Track as well as Marching Band. Since the two didn't mess with each other, she was able to do both with little cost to her mother. At her first Marching Band performance, a home game, she was horribly disappointed to find that her father didn't attend, he had been on a last-minute run to Maine for his job. His neglect to attend coupled with the teasing for her marching made Marcella rather mean spirited for a while. She would lash out at others and openly tease them back, almost getting herself into a few fights over her retaliation. It escalated until her mother was called to the school and Marcella was blamed for dying a girl's hair black in the locker room. The girl just happened to be one of the most popular girls in school.

After a messy fight with the school, Marcella and her mother moved to the suburbs of Marietta from Atlanta and she entered in both the Marching Band and Track. Her mother was intensely upset with her for a long time after that, refusing to even acknowledge her own daughter whenever she would ask for help or had company over. After a couple of months of this, Marcella eventually began giving up on her mother and started looking to school for companionship.

While her glittery label of the 'new girl' made her more confident in meeting new people, she couldn't help but be overly wary of those who were too friendly. She would smile and make friends openly, but in the back of her mind, those teasing tendencies would make themselves known. It wasn't until she started with a debate and religion club did she start to make her first enemies and after that, it wasn't until she had a large group of friends did she try politics.

From her ninth grade year, she debated with these groups until tenth, earning more enemies along the way until she were left with her own group of friends. The hardcore friendship helped her to maintain her friendly outlook while she continued to mentally humiliate any who she felt were wrong. It was in her eleventh grade year that she finally joined orchestra and became a track star, winning first chair of the flutes and 1st place in the thousand meter dash.

During the last few weeks of her being in school, Marcella ended up bringing a young man home. He was someone that she knew rather well and trusted greatly when it came to having him around. Her mother actually wasn't home that evening and, incidently, walked in on her daughter performing oral sex on the young man. This ended in Alice viciously attacking her daughter in front of him, throwing a still-warm frying pan at the young man to get him out of the house and then striking her daughter across the face. 

The man who had followed Alice home ended up calling the police but Marcella refused to press charges against her mother, telling the police that she deserved her punishment for her disrespect. Going back to school was difficult and Marcella didn't talk much about what had happened even though it was all over the campus. 

After being called to the office one morning, Marcella learned that her track accomplishments ended up getting her a full ride scholarship to the college of her choice. Taking this chance, Marcella immediately picked Atlanta A&T where she began studying to be a professional musician and later a music teacher. Her first two years were going rather well, she was getting straight As and even managed to make the Dean's List nearly three times in a row for the time that she was there. 

It wasn't until her Junior year that Marcella started mixing with the 'wrong crowd', so to speak. She found herself ditching studies to go out and get drunk so much to the point that she ended up failing several classes in the last year that she was there. Unable to keep her GPA up, Marcella was thrown out and ended up going ahead and getting herself a small low-budget apartment in the lower class areas of town. It was there that she first saw the Dixons and steered clear for a bit. While she was looking for a job, she took up waitressing in Tracy's Strip Club, working to keep her apartment. 

She spoke to the brothers on occasion but never got too close to anyone until she turned 21. It was then that she began working behind the bar and learned how to mix drinks. Soon enough, it became her favorite thing about being on the job other than the continuous fights that broke out when the Dixons, namely Merle, were in the bar.

The woman worked there for months. She found that the bar was the best place to meet the locals and even had a chance to meet men that were near her age. Marcella had seen Randall around Tracy's before and saw that the woman had been a bit clingy when she'd been with him. From what the rumors had said, it was a one-time thing and hadn't exactly gained ground at all. Marcella ended up closing one night and was talking to Randall after hours. The others had left the place and Marcella hadn't had anywhere that she was supposed to be so she stayed there and spoke to him.

She was impressed at how easily she was able to get along with him and went ahead to ask him out. It was even more surprising that he had accepted. The woman had invited him and had set up a normal, quiet dinner that she had made for them. The first date had been a tad awkward what with her boss finding out and calling about twenty times, but Marcella shut off her phone and dealt with it the following day.

While she was with Randall, she had nearly been knocked out in the parking lot about three different times and had to be escorted to her car to be certain no one would try to attack her. It was no real surprise that the person coming after her was Tracy but Marcella had no real proof of it. She was unable to completely fix it so she went ahead and started carrying a small gutting knife that she had Daryl to pick up for her.

Along with being with a Dixon came the threat of Merle Dixon. After being convinced by Randall to get rid of her apartment and move in with him, Marcella learned very quickly to be light on her feet and tight lipped around a drunken Merle. He pulled tricks on her all the time, one of the most memorable being dumping red wine around a passed out Randall's head to make her believe he'd been killed.

It took her nearly a year to finally build herself up enough so that she could fight back against him. Marcella had begun going to the nearby gym, her membership card making it possible for her to go in after hours, and would return to the house in the near-dead of the night. This caused a few issues between her and Randall, her absence without reasoning was getting old until Merle started saying that she was sleeping around. Getting pissed of the accusations, Marcella finally challenged him to a fight that he'd been picking with her for nearly a year. 

Soon, the entire park was watching them. Marcella managed to get a few hits in but so did Merle. She ended up with a busted lip, a bruised set of ribs, and a black eye but one of her punches threw him to the ground where he knocked himself out on the fender of Randall's truck. Marcella believes it a win while Merle is adamant that it's a loss.

It was around her 22nd birthday that the infection was starting to be mentioned. It was all over the news and several of the bar lurkers talked about it whenever they could, often saying it would be the 'end of the world' or an apocalypse. After about three days of that kind of talk, Marcella started getting a bit worried. There were army blockades that were springing up around Atlanta and she called Randall at least once a day to make sure he was okay. 

During the time after being thrown out of college, Marcella lost contact with her father and her mother disowned her completely but she was with Randall more often than not and knew she could count on him. Once she managed to get the bar lurkers out of the place, Marcella called the Dixons and told them that there was some real shit going down and that she needed one of them to come get her. Marcella didn't trust herself to be alone when it came to public transportation and the bar's parking lot was completely blocked off except the small alley behind of it.

While she was waiting for them, she called her mother and talked to the woman one last time. Their conversation was rather pleasant for once and the two managed to get a lot of things off their chests. She looked forward to seeing her mom again and even told the woman she loved her still. This was met with heartbroken silence, her mom nearly in tears as she replied in kind with a break in her voice. Things were looking up for the two of them and Alice promised that she would make certain her daughter was okay. Telling her that she'd see her daughter soon after stopping to get supplies, the two of them hung up and Marcella waited after rattling off her cell phone number, Randall's home number, and the bar's phone number. Unknown to Marcella, her mother made a wrong turn and ended up dying in a car accident with a very large army vehicle. It wasn't even ten minutes after getting off the phone with her daughter.

For a while, Marcella was hopelessly stuck at the bar with the large doors bolted closed. The back door as well as the side one were securely shut and she was protecting herself with the shotgun from underneath the bar as well as the knife Daryl had gotten for her when she could hear a motorcycle and truck outside. Finding that it was Daryl and Randall, she went with them and returned to the boys' home.

She felt ashamed for having then go out in this mess when she was perfectly able to do so herself. She had seen outside the windows of the bar's second floor that there were people being eaten alive outside and was rather impressed with how quickly the Dixons had acted when she had just kept herself indoors. Marcella ended up helping them to load up Randall's truck as well as make her way to her apartment to grab only a couple of things like her toiletries as well as a first aid kit. When with the Dixons, one didn't know what to expect.