Nathaniel Grayson
Aliases/Nickname Nate, Nathan
Gender Male
Race American
Orientation Straight
Birthday December 12th
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Religious Affiliation Agnostic
Hair Color He tends to dye his hair regularly because of the several gigs he had to go but during the apocalypse, his hair was chocolate brown and was very curly.
Eye Color Blue-green
Complexion He is the average caucasian but more on the slightly tanner side.
Body Type Fit.
Height Five foot ten
Weight 150 pounds.
Blood Type O positive
Spouse Single
Father Louis Grayson
Mother Lisa Grayson
Play By Aaron Taylor Johnson


Nathaniel is a musician, never seen without his guitar nor his favorite jacket. Nathan stands at a tall of 5'10 with a fit build but nothing too bulky or ridiculous. He has his father's curly brown hair and his mothers gorgeous blue-green eyes. He usually slicks it back with a wave of his hand.

He doesn't have any tattoos on him but has one ear pierced and it's the right one with a silver hoop. He's always seen in the same type of clothing. Boots, dress shoes with sweater, dress shirts with that leather jacket of his. 

He has a sharp nose and bone structure, always been a handsome man even from an early age. He dies his hair often because of the gigs. From his natural brown hair, to the blonde and to the black.


He's never seen without his trade-mark leather jacket, even after the apocalypse. He's now wearing, underneath the jacket a black sweater, black boots and simple jeans. He also had a pair of black-rimmed glasses and those aren't for show.

But before everything went down hill, Nate or Nathaniel was a very fashionable man, from his coat, sweaters, dress shirts, boots to even dress shoes.


  • Guitar(x1),
  • Pack of cigarettes(x1)
  • Lighter(x1)
  • Pistol(x1)
  • Box of ammo(x1)
  • Switchknife(1x)
  • Extra pair of clothes(1x)
  • Water bottle(x1)
  • Pack of dried food(2x)


Nathaniel was known as the silent type in his group and the most girls were attracted to. Though when he talked, he was so smooth and slick that made girls blush. Besides this facade, Nate is rather manipulative when the time calls for it but when it isn't needed, he locks it away.

He also takes pride in his guitar playing and he often lets his music speak for him. He doesn't really care about his looks but his leather jacket is probably the item he cares more about. It was a gift from his late father when he died in a car crash when Nate was eighteen. When he gets comfortable with a person, he tends to joke a lot and goof off like a boy would.


Charm: Nathaniel tends to be smooth with the ladies and he tends to get what he wants regularly. He is rather manipulative when he really wants something but tries not to.

Mechanics: Nathaniel can by no means build a car from scratch, but he has more than enough knowledge and ability to handle simple repairs since he had worked as a mechanic in his late teens.

Guitar: Ever since he was a kid, he had played the guitar and is known to be a a great guitarist when in college, admitted to Julliard.


Nathaniel was born on a cold winter night in Los Angeles, California to his parents Lisa and Louis Grayson. About the age of five, he had picked up his first guitar and started strumming himself. When his parents found out about it, he was enrolled into music classes until he graduated from high-school and was called as a prodigy when he ingressed into Julliard, school of music.

After he ingressed, tradegy struck his home and on October 31st his father died in a car crash on the way back to his home. That affected Nathaniel so much that he almost stopped playing but he still had his mom alive, he started playing dor her. Moving out of his parents house, he strted working as a mechanic apart from being in college and he knows his fair share of cars. His mom had moved near where Nate's college was. Another tradegy struck and when he visited his mother's home, she had attacked him.


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