Paul Hanson

"Deputy to a teenager. Should be fun right?"
Full Name Paul Hanson
Aliases/Nickname Paulie

Stick in the mud

Gender Male
Hometown Woodbury GA
Brother Richard Hanson

Deputy of Woodbury


Paul is a very no-nonsense type of guy, tending to stay very strict towards most things. He adheres to the rules almost religiously, and will obey Sable under most circumstances, except when it conflicts with Richard's best interests. Protecting Richard seems like the only thing he's ever done, and it's the only thing he really knows how to do, even in the zombie apocalypse, Paul will do anything to keep his brother safe. 

This tends to lead to the two of them butting heads quite often however, and Paul often expresses a great irritation towards his brother. Though this protection also extends towards the younger members of Woodbury, as well as Sable, whom Paul sees as the greatest thing to happen to Woodbury since the wall.