Richard Hanson

"So, if you ask me where I've been, you might have to arrest me? Well then, I guess you'll just have to not ask where I've been."
Full Name Richard
Aliases/Nickname Ricky

Conman of Woodbury

Gender Male
Hometown Woodbury GA
Brother Paul Hanson
Conman of the Apocalypse


Richard tends to be rather carefree, as well as usually not caring for the rules too much. Richard doesn't hate the people in charge, nor does he want to get rid of them, he just thinks it's best to stay out of their way so he can keep living the life style he chooses to lead.

Richard is a thief, a conman. Using a silvertongue, he tends to convince people to give him almost whatever he wants from them of their own free will. He usually does this to benefit himself or Paul, such as taking blankets when they were cold or food when they were hungry.