Ryu the Mod
Race Shinigami Dragon
Birthday March 6th
Age 21
Gender Female
Professional Status
Division 11th
Base of Operations WV
Personal Status
Shikai GTFO
Bankai Bitchmode

This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll whisper "no."

- Rorchach

About Me/Mod SpeechEdit

Hi. Why the hell should I greet you? Dunno, you're the one reading so you tell me. I never keep the same avatar for long, why? Fuck you that's why. My penname changes all the time, why? Go eat a dick, that's why. By the way, those are my own ways of saying 'it's none of your fucking business'.

Obviously, I'm a potty mouth. I don't care.

I'm a harsh person. If you mess something up on your OC or Clan sheet, I'll rip it apart and most likely shove it in your ass because it's shit. I have an unreasonable hatred for furries, overpowered nutjobs, and Mary/Gary Stus. Why? They're awful, that's why. I'll most likely make a face like that to your right.

Why do I make those faces? To keep from puking on yours.

I can be easy to get along with or I can be your own personal nightmare. Either one depends on how YOU act. I don't care how many characters someone has as long as they can keep up with them and not mix them up. I don't trust newcomers with anything and they have to prove to me they're not a complete idiot before I let them do anything remotely cool. Yeah, I'm a bitch.

My face when...

If someone complains to me, you'd best be joking motherfucker. I do NOT deal with members whining very well unless it's something in real life that deserves whining. So, it you whine because I denied your character or made you do more work, because lord forbid if you're actually creative for once, I will just make it even HARDER on you. You break a rule, you're FUCKED.

The main things I expect are: creativity, no whining, no bullshit, spelling and grammar, detail, no overused jutsu/kinjutsu, and don't be fucking stupid.



Heretic crusher hammer perspective view by samouel-d4jcsbz

Der Ban Hammer, Shikai.

Der Ban Hammer: In it's sealed form, it looks like a simple keyboard. Perhaps one attached to a desktop, sometimes more like the one on a laptop or a keyboard phone version. Usually black but it can come in several different forms, either way it's a damn keyboard people. 

Shikai: GTFO. Desperate times call for desperate measures and if you have managed to piss the Ryu off, then you're going to have a bad day. The Banhammer turns into an actual hammer of epic proportions. It's blue and gold with a little bit of silver thrown in for good measure. Why? Fuck you, that's why. It's the goddamn Banhammer!

Verbal Abuse: Upon entering Shikai state, the attitude will worsen to the point of said mod being given the wonderful abilities of a poetic mad man with tourettes. 
Increased Resilience: The Ryu loses the ability to gives fucks about your opinions or thoughts, much less about how you reply to her after she enters this state. It might be because you're fucktarded and need to get your head out of your ass, but we'll just leave the interactions to the two of you.
Deathwing returns by devildeth-d3ia0j9

Bankai: Bitchmode. You dun goofed. Might as well take your ban and just deal with it. End game right here, right now.

Upon reaching this goddess tier, you might just want to run. That means that Ryu is DONE  with your fucking bullshit and you can just go rot in a cave of hopelessness and despair. She's the thing of nightmares, fueled on hatred of your face. 

Shikai might have been bad, but reaching this? She cares not for your shitty OC Mary Sue and even less about how your cousin raped you in the ass with a glorified rake in the boonies. No excuse, no holds barred; she'll be fucking you up. 

One might say 'oh well that's just a gross over exaggeration and will never be anything nearly as bad as you're making it out to be, dear writer' but you're WRONG. It takes a lot to get the Ryu to this point but once there, grabbing your ankles and kissing your ass goodbye is the best, and most likely, safest route. 

May God have mercy on your pathetic soul.


HAN  13 [+2]
REI  13 
HAK  17 [+2]
SEI  14
BUK  16 [+2]
HOH  17 [+2]
Earned 0
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 90