Ryuuhei Shikuga
Race Shinigami
Birthday June 23
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 170
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation 8th and 11th Division
Position Captain
Previous Position 3rd Seat
Division 8th Division
Previous Division 11th Division
Partner Hiroku Shikuga [Husband]
Base of Operations Seireitei
Personal Status
Shikai 星当, エレゴン (Hoshi atemi, Elegon, Starstrike, Elegon)
Bankai お前たちに 銀河を 示す, エレゴン (omaetachi ni zanga o shimesu, Show them the galaxy, Elegon)
The Celestial Shinigami, Ryuuhei Shikuga~! 

Warning: This character's page holds a gallery [two] and a very rich history of mental, physical, and sexual abuse in various forms [For IC story elements, he's never raped anyone]. This character is also bisexual, meaning he doesn't care about the gender of his partners and will be RPed that way. 


Beginning and General AppearanceEdit

Ryuuhei stands at 6 feet and 2 inches, he has a rather slender physique for his height. His eyes are green and often look as though they're darker than normal, there are two blue comet-like tattoos on his left cheek under his eye, right on the cheekbone. The left side of his head has short, black hair on it, there have been several who have said that his hair doesn't grow on that side however they would be wrong in that, Ryuuhei's just very skilled at managing his own hair, sometimes even resorting to using his zanpakuto to keep up. 

The other side of his hair is a very vibrant red that is rather long and something of an object of vanity for him. He keeps his hair pulled up in the back with pheasant feathers and fuzzy ties, of which he owns several of. He often makes them himself.

In his left ear, he has an industrial bar, a large tapered claw earring and another earring with a feather attached to it. He also has a lip piercing in the middle of his lower lip. Along his sides and shoulders, there are several flowing tattoos of constellations and galaxies, most of which he has no idea what they are or where they could be in the world of the living but he is slowly learning them through his inner world work with Elegon.

In the dark at night, the tattoos give off a blue glow and can normally be seen rather easily. In the moonlight, it can almost look as though the blue is white, normally appearing far brighter when outside. The constellation tattoos glow red whenever Ryuuhei is dangerously close to death to alert those that are around him that they should get away in the case of his reiatsu attempting to take out anything nearby it at the point of his death. When he does die, his reiatsu will paint the location with constellations and stars to show his final resting place.  


Ryuuhei's 'tainted' reiatsu.

After having Higosha's reiatsu cleansed from him by Kokoro, the previously black roman numeral IX [11] at the base of his neck now glows with the same blue as his constellation tattooos. The same goes for the ones around his hips, the several designs that resemble lightning and spheres similar to Higosha's Inner World. Going across his stomach is a constellation of Gemini due to Higosha's birthday falling on June 9th.

After the death of Kokoro Mizuchi, Ryuuhei wears one of the man's zanpakuto poi on his belt as a reminder of the man's part in his life. In addition, his tattoos reflected this loss by burning across his chest an image of the constellation Sagittarius since Kokoro was of that star sign.

He rarely wears the shinigami uniform anymore and the form-fitting suit covers many of his glowing tattoos, though he still can be seen from time to time wearing a black silk kimono when not having to anticipate an attack or on-duty for any reason. 


Ryuuhei now wears his wedding ring, a maple wood and black/silver metaled ring that was given to him by Hiroku. He wears black, finger-less gloves to protect it so that it doesn't get stained by blood or gore in the battlefield, when not fighting, he keeps it in plain sight of all around him. Upon being wed to Hiroku, Elegon decided to give Ryuuhei another tattoo in the form of Capricornus to represent Hiroku since he is of the Capricorn star sign. 


After being captured by the seraphim, Ryuuhei was tortured for several days along with other people that were in captivity. He now as pure white wings that span thirteen feet around him and pop out whenever he uses his reiatsu to force them out. Ryuuhei has recently learned how to fight with them despite the fact that the can be easily injured if he decides to let them out after he enters a battle. He can use his own reiatsu to force them away, normally dissolving into feathers and little blue constellations.

Fallen by sakimichan-d3fcp8n
Before, he either had to cut or rips them off since he hasn't yet found a way to remove them with his reiatsu to make them disappear to where ever it was that they were before. This was what drove him to work on using his own reiatsu to get rid of them himself, the constant tearing would have ended up causing heavy amounts of nerve damage if it continued.
These scars on his back from having them ripped out are rather prominent and mottled with scar tissue since he continually pulls the wings from the joint connecting them to his main body. Along with those scars are two parallel lines that go down his spine with a few spots were keloids have developed. On his back are two skeletal bird-tattoos that were given to him by the same nameless seraphim that tortured him. These tattoos are a bright blue just like his constellations and glow just as much as they do, however he doesn't show these off nearly as much.
After coming back to Seireitei, Ryuuhei had his hair cut by his husband, being the only person that he trusts to do such things with his hair because we all know that Ryuuhei believes himself to be a majestic stallion. Even when he doesn't feel like one.

As a pact with Asanomoi Yuukari, Ryuuhei allowed his body to be cut open for Aimus/Higosha. Yuukari explains it as: 

"The captured bird by its own power rips free from the hunter's net, forcing its way back to its nest. Sensing the wrongness through its pain, through its weariness, it rushes home only to find its tree aflame, the nest burned, and seeks to beat out the flame with its wings at whatever cost." 

These are on his stomach and have been cut about an inch deep into his skin. They have since scarred over and the pattern is very easy to discern. Through touch, they would be raised and somewhat bumpy.

In his gigai, Ryuuhei wears an orange shirt with a subtle yellow gradient. There's a dark red long-sleeved shirt underneath, as well as black leather pants and matching leather boots. His pants have a bag sewn in on the right hip and he dons a scarf with attached feathers tucked into his belt. The belt itself appear to be made up of multiple links of metal with a small pattern pressed into them. Ryuuhei wears his 11th and 8th Division pendant along with a tiny kunai attached to the new necklace. A picture of Hiroku Shikuga can be found in the pocket of his shinigami uniform at all times.


In an outward appearance, Ryuuhei is talkative and friendly to the point of almost being creepy. This talkative nature hides a lot of trauma that has befallen him over the course of his life. His smile hides this as well and has helped him to talk to people, getting to know them well enough that he can feel he's made a new friend. He used to put up a front of being noble, a trait that carried over from his days as a taikomochi, but has since stopped doing that in order to work on being a good Captain. In the past, there were times where he would a bit more creepy by touching people. He hadn't mean any offense while doing so, this method being the one that broke the ice between himself and Hiroku. This unconventional method doesn't come out much anymore. 

Ryuuhei has no real issues with finding ways to connect to people but he is a bit bad at keeping up with those connections anymore. Before, he always could find a strange way to connect with people, even if the connection were a minuscule one. He has kept the ability to remember faces far better than anything else, recognizing hairstyles and prominent physical traits far better than their name or the conversation that was being had on that day. 

Though he made a lot of friends in the Academy with his whore-like actions, Ryuuhei no longer relies on that to be able to speak to someone. Instead, he retained the ease of conversing verbally as well as the listening skills that he had acquired in his former job, finding that he was still rather well at extracting information from people. He was a good listener when it really mattered. Even though he was quite popular in the Academy due to how easily he 'put out' with others, Ryuuhei no longer performs those actions to gain friendships. He understands that it's not the way to be able to go through his life any longer. As he has matured, he is now able to tell the difference between loving and friendly affection far better than when Kokoro taught him.

Even though his skill in kido was lacking while in the Academy, Ryuuhei went from rarely using it to favoring it. He's rather skilled with it now and finds it to be far easier to use at long distances and is still rather adept at the art of using a sword. Ryuuhei had a lot of issues to do with his kido skills in the academy, mostly his inability to listen in the classroom and completely unable to control his reiatsu. While his frustration levels would become high enough that it would cause him to completely end up losing his focus, now it is difficult to break it. 

Recently, he was able to learn a bit more about it with help from a few other shinigami who were adept with it. While his general attitude on kido has been rather neutral, he understands that there are several that have never liked it and most likely never will. Ryuuhei respects this but he doesn't mention how backward he feels that it actually is.


Ryuuhei's opinion of himself.

When in battle, he used to become a bit cocky and a little more serious than he normal, but not by a lot. Ryuuhei now is very stoic and lets himself boil with a silent rage, no longer making jokes and poking at his opponent in the hopes of making them lose control. Instead, Ryuuhei allows them to let their arrogance bury them in their own grave that he has marked for them. That old, cocky nature was good at getting him into trouble but now it's very much hidden. This is where the old 'noble act' came into play and Ryuuhei would do his best, as the Commander of the Royal Seireitei Air Force, to not allow himself to look like a fool in a battle anymore. 

However, there is still a point in battle, especially against those stronger than himself, that Ryuuhei becomes very morose and hateful. He sometimes feels that his powers are completely inadequate and will push himself harder and harder with each strike so that he might survive the battle to return home to Hiroku. Anything threatening his lover, friends, or other Captains really gets under his skin and makes the man want to take down the opponent several times more than before. 

There are times when he's very good at being subtly prideful and arrogant, those times being damn near constantly. Ryuuhei has a bad habit of looking down on those that he thinks are below him, such as obsessive drug users, weaker opponents attempting to be strong, homophobes, and sometimes Arrancar. The Arrancar are only in special cases, Ryuuhei has met Eligor Ce'takchs-ni and a few other Arrancar and has learned that not all of them are the same in terms of attitude. He feels that he owes Alvaro Lobo quite a bit for pulling his wings out and offering Ryuuhei a place in his tower, it was this one kind gesture that nearly made Ryuuhei completely renounce his shinigami status before he ever set foot in Seireitei. The one other time he considered this was when Hiroku lied to him and told him that he no longer loved him.

Ryuuhei used to possess a sense of pride that is almost unmatched by any other except for a Kuchiki and he managed to be rid of that. Being tortured by the seraphim as well as being tempered by Hiroku made Ryuuhei a bit of a better, more well adjusted person. The only other person that used to be able to match his pride level would have been Kokoro Mizuchi. Losing Kokoro broke Ryuuhei to the point where he ended up having a severe hatred for Seraphim, no matter what their temperament. He had vowed to kill any that come into contact with him and will not stop until he has managed to help the Shinigami, Arrancar, and Human Realm Forces to eradicate them all.


All pieces of his history can also be found in his page of threads.

Human LifeEdit

As a living human, Ryuuhei was a slutty male noble. He was rather 'handsy' with his servants and generally disliked because of his awful attitude toward them. His arrogance overcame him, making him an awful noble to be around. After one too many dick moves, he was assassinated out of pure frustration on the part of the hitman's hirer, who just so happened to have been his father

As a SoulEdit

Lucas Picnik by nyarunyan

Ryuuhei as a child in the Rukongai.

Upon dying, Ryuuhei was let loose in the Inuzuri District of the Rukongai. He lived there for a number of years, aging from a small child to a normal adult before his childhood friends started to mostly leave him. The old woman he stayed with there had been taking care of orphans and helped him to develop his social skills rather early.

There was one that he was quite friendly with, his best friend, Nowaki. The young man had been very dream oriented and was working on getting into the Shinigami Academy. The two of them were almost inseparable and would go on adventures in the forests around their orphanage, where they would play games and generally just find trouble for themselves.

One day, Ryuuhei was playing a round of 'hide and seek' with Nowaki. Despite Ryuuhei's bad feeling about the forest that day, Nowaki still ran into it and disappeared. Ryuuhei spent a long time looking for his friend and was surprised to find that the other wasn't able to be found, not even in his favorite hiding spot.

Since it was so unusual for Nowaki, Ryuuhei moved deeper into the forest until he heard a scream. Going toward the noise, he found his friend being defended by an angel from a rather large hollow that had planned on eating them.

The man was gone before Ryuuhei could thank him and the two were ushered toward town since they no longer wanted to play. While trying to return to the orphanage, Ryuuhei was intercepted by a local pedophile by the name of 'Eto', who threatened Ryuuhei to keep quiet and used the young man to smuggle drugs into the other districts.

When he was in the warehouse that the man was dealing drugs from, Ryuuhei was saved by his angel once more and the pedophile along with his drug buddies were killed. Ryuuhei was taken out of the warehouse and, after calling Higosha his dad, the man gave Ryuuhei his last name of 'Fujiii' saying that the stems of a wisteria reminded him of the child's bright green eyes.

Nowaki left to the academy as soon as he could manage, leaving Ryuuhei mostly on his own back at the Inuzuri. Once he was old enough, Ryuuhei left the orphanage, promising the woman running it that he would be back, hopefully to be building a new place for her to do business in.

Once out, he headed for the districts closer to the Gotei 13, wanting to be closer to the shinigami academy to help Nowaki if the other needed him. Being a social butterfly of sorts, Ryuuhei managed to get a job in a district closer to the Shinigami Academy than he had expected where he took a job as a taikomochi. He entertained, joked with and generally entertained anyone that came into the tea house.

After a couple of years, he was known as -danna by the younger taikomochi and took over the tea house after the previous owner died. When he heard of Nowaki being put into the Maggot's Nest, he grew frantic at trying to get the other out of the situation he had gotten himself into.

He worked with more people until he finally had to seduce patrons so that he could help to pay Nowaki's way out of the Nest. It took a while and multiple encounters with the 2nd Division or the people that they hired but he managed to do it. One of the instances included Ryuuhei being raped and whipped relentlessly in a warehouse where Nowaki had orchestrated the event, unknown to Ryuuhei, in order to humiliate the taikomochi to try and deter him from paying them off.

Taking Nowaki in at his tea house, he cared for the man even though Nowaki was mentally and, at times, physically abusive. The man did everything he could to humiliate Ryuuhei, even going so far as to disrupt him with patrons until the redhead wasn't requested anymore. Over the course of the two weeks, Ryuuhei started to become tired of it and spiked the man's sake with cyanide after a particularly bad argument.

After giving the sake to Nowaki, Ryuuhei was affected by his old friend's poison. It erased the memories of the time he met Higosha, the rape and torture in the warehouse, as well as the memories of Ryuuhei being abused and subsequently erasing the moment of the cyanide being used as a murder weapon.

Since Ryuuhei couldn't remember the times when he was abused and such, he supported Nowaki the best that he could so that the other wouldn't die of his newfound sickness [poisoned]. It wasn't until the middle of the night that Ryuuhei decided to take Nowaki to the fourth for help. He didn't quite manage to get there when Nowaki finally died, looking away from his friend toward Kokoro, who had been following them, so that Nowaki could smirk at the man while Ryuuhei confessed his love for his friend.

Changing the hand of ownership of the tea house to another trusted member he would perform with, Caomei Jaekuro, Ryuuhei immediately enrolled in the Shinigami academy to learn to protect himself as well as others. There was still a draw to both professions but the one to the academy was far more powerful. He wanted to prove that he was as strong as Nowaki was and, unknowingly, as strong as the angel that had saved him.

The AcademyEdit

Ryuuhei wasn't the best when it came to actually doing his own schoolwork. He was alright but obviously not one of the brightest ones there. The redhead was rather good when it came to zanjutsu and hakuda but anything else like reiryoku or kido, he had issues with. The biggest issue was kido and he was usually kept after class for various reasons to do with that.

While in the academy, he met up with two of his oldest friends, Kokoro Mizuchi and Suiren Konoyo. As an extracurricular activity, Kokoro and Ryuuhei ended up creating pornographic videos of themselves to sell for extra cash. They continued this even off camera and became rather popular among the seedier groups of their academy mates. 

Ryuuhei was never really bothered too much when it came to people recognizing him when it came to the videos, he just never had any real reason to give a shit about it. It fed his pride and made his normal front toward others become a little more prideful and arrogant than it had been when he was a taikomochi. This was a bit of a large change for him considering that Ryuuhei hadn't really been that arrogant when he wasn't a shinigami.

He was brought down a couple of pegs while doing the videos with Kokoro, being dominated in them after a while. It was used as punishment after touching his friend's hair several times. It wasn't until after that instance that Ryuuhei started to respect boundaries a bit more than he had been beforehand. 

On a mission near his graduation of patrolling an area of the Rukongai, Ryuuhei had the task of hunting down every hollow in the area until he noticed one attacking a village. It took him a while before he could take it down but hadn't noticed that something had slipped in his backpack

It wasn't until he made his way home to his dorm at the academy that he found the small wolf pup in his pack, resting rather peacefully. Naturally, he was shocked but decided to keep her as a pet. He became quite close to the little pup, carrying her around all over the place and often speaking to her until he gave her the name of Komatsuna Fujiii after her favorite food. Although, one time, she did impress him by speaking to him, telling him 'hello' and giving him a right heart attack. Due to his freak out, she rarely spoke back to him, only doing so when he was sleeping or giving him small answers ('Yes', 'No' and such)

He noticed that she had difficulty with saying a lot of things but did his best not to freak every time she did speak to him. Ryuuhei was a bit surprised when he found that she had stolen an Asauchi from another student and had bonded with it. The student she'd stolen it from had to get another sword and Komatsuna had herself a nice new toy, one that Ryuuhei wasn't going to deny her.

It wasn't until the day she was concentrating on using kido that Ryuuhei was given one of the bigger surprises of his life; Komatsuna was standing in front of him as a naked female until she pounced on him and licked his cheek. The amount of shock was almost too much for him and Ryuuhei damn near passed out at the sight of her in this new form. 

Ryuuhei worked on getting her into the academy and gave her his last name in the hopes that it would work, he wanted her to be respected even if he wasn't. Once she was in the academy, she was given a dorm room with Ryuuhei and he did his best to teach her how to be more human in terms of speaking, eating, and general cleanliness. He was incredibly patient with it even if he weren't with anything else. 

When the captains were checking out recruits, Ryuuhei adamantly stayed away from anything that had to do with the 2nd division, even if Komatsuna aspired for it, mostly because of what had happened with Nowaki. He didn't and still doesn't trust anyone that comes from that division, the one exception being his puppy, and he most likely never will unless he's proven that they weren't the ones that actually killed him.

Gotei 13: Part OneEdit

Upon joining the Gotei 13, Ryuuhei met a rather large array of people that were just as diverse as his classmates in the academy. One of the first people that he met was Hiroku Shikuga. After going to the Slippery Swimsuit with him, Ryuuhei quickly befriended the other shinigami to the point of him being Ryuuhei's lover. Since the redhead had never been in an exclusive relationship before, he still has a lot to learn.

Another was his Captain. Ryuuhei immediately had a crush on the man after meeting him, Higosha's gentle but powerful nature easily winning the redhead over to the 11th Division, where he became the 4th seat. The two of them bonded for a while over the death of his Captain's wife, helping each other by trying to let go. 

The same night, Ryuuhei fought with Kokoro over himself being with Hiroku and being unable to choose between the two of them. The two of them fought for a couple of weeks before Ryuuhei finally chose Hiroku over Kokoro. Afterward, he did his best to forget Nowaki, the same man that he had first loved. Getting the serum from Sumiko Hadashi, Ryuuhei went to the man's grave where he ended up getting an allergic reaction. 

Ryuuhei was healed by his lover, Hiroku, and after a large argument that ended after Ryuuhei explained that it wasn't suicide, he ended up getting into a short fight with his zanpakuto. There were details leaked that Ryuuhei had memories that were sealed by Elegon that would not be unsealed until after he reached bankai. This argument ended after the two of them agreed with their mediator, Hiroku, that things were no longer worth the continued fight. 

A few days or so later, he spoke with Lorcian at the Slippery Swimsuit, having only just met her. He's still not a fan of weed. Not long after that, Ryuuhei broke into Makato Kiyoshi's office to finally have the opportunity to meet his Captain Commander. Finding that the Captain Commander was far more gentle than he'd previously believed, Ryuuhei was pretty sold on the man's ability to lead the shinigami. He was very happy to find that the CC was also willing to help him find out what exactly had happened with Nowaki's imprisonment. 

Ryuuhei eventually put together a party in which he laced the punch with fruit flavored LSD and used a manipulation to create a fake night sky on the ceiling of an unused building in the Seireitei. He ended up with quite the party and, at the same time, managing to finally be with Hiroku in a more physical manner, officially making them lovers. 

A couple of days after that, Ryuuhei met up with one Eligor Ce'takchs-ni in the middle of the night. Ryuuhei had been unable to sleep and sensed something was off about the area until he found the arrancar and attacked him. It was quite a wake up call for Ryuuhei, feeling helpless against something that was far more powerful than himself. He became quite defensive when he realized that he might just end up losing his life that night and became a bit enraged by the thought of Hiroku returning to find that Ryuuhei was dead. 

Since that didn't sit well with him, Ryuuhei fought back and ended up taking damage to his right thigh. There's a small scar on his thigh where the arrancar attacked him, making Ryuuhei consider the man an enemy after having been attacked in such a way over Eligor's quest to find the stoner captain of the Seireitei. 

Somehow, he managed to get himself a couple of enemies between Kazuma Yoruhebi and Yuu Katsumi. The two entered the 11th's barracks one night completely unprovoked and removed all of Ryuuhei's hair, leaving him bald. His zanpakuto spirit returned his eyebrows to him and the 4th seat still had a few issues with being seen outside of his room. With wounded pride and deep scorn for the two who'd done it to him, Ryuuhei began covering his head with a black scarf from the human world. 

That next morning, he found his captain was calling out Kazuma. As much as Ryuuhei no longer respected the two who'd taken his pride and joy, a.k.a. hair, from him, he still didn't want his captain being harmed for any reason. Upon hearing from the man that Higosha was not happy about his family being messed with, Ryuuhei's own respect for his captain grew exponentially. It can easily be said that Ryuuhei would do literally anything his captain asked of him now.

Between Ryuuhei and Kazuma's conversation, the two agreed to an equalized spar. The date of the spar was not made certain however Ryuuhei believes that it will be soon. 

Ryuuhei joined a mission to Norway with Rukia to investigate the Seraphim and upon being grouped up, he found a spirit not too far away. It was the spirit of a little girl, mutilated to her death after running away from a hollow that had killed her mother and while he was upset for the girl, he understood that he needed to take care of the mission first. Once Rukia called for aid, Ryuuhei left his gigai with a modsoul alone with the girl to fight alongside his group.

When the mission in Norway was finished, Ryuuhei returned to Seireitei after the members of Xcution [and Hiroku] had dealt with their own missions in the human world. The bald shinigami was still rather surprised about the Seraphim and when Hiroku returned in a wheelchair, he was utterly shocked. Ryuuhei was angry that Cameron hadn't protected Hiroku better but he calmed down after listening to his lover. 

Ryuuhei accompanied his lover to the 13th Division so that Hiroku could tell his captain what exactly was going on. The meeting itself was awkward after Ryuuhei had learned that Yamashita had attacked his lover over something that could have been solved without violence and, during his messed up state of mind, having to hear from Hiroku that the other had a crush on his commanding officer. 

That confession drove Ryuuhei to leaving the area. Not far from there, he saw Higosha heading to leave Seireitei and tried his hardest to keep the man from going anywhere. Higosha refused and took Ryuuhei by the neck, infusing him with Higosha's reiatsu and changing his appearance while leaving a roman numeral 11 on his neck in black 'ink' along with black tribal around his hips. 

After being left by Higosha, the man's 'will' being instilled onto Ryuuhei, he decided that he needed to leave in order to progress. Leaving a note for Hiroku, Ryuuhei left fro the Rukongai and Elegon pulled him into his inner world. During his time with Elegon, Ryuuhei learned many things about himself. These included his rape and humiliation at the hands of the seedier members of the 2nd Division; his repressed memories of Higosha saving him from a pedophile in the Rukongai that used local boys for drug trafficking into the inner sections of the area, where Higosha gave Ryuuhei his last name of 'Fujiii'; including the fact that he was to blame for Nowaki's death, having poisoned the abusive man. However, what he didn't know was that Kokoro and Caomei had been trying to be rid of him as well, using their own methods. 

Even though he was shocked by the revelation, he still went on to respond to a hell butterfly from Mizuro. It was there in the fourth division that he was commissioned by the shark-like man to try and pull off a lunar eclipse so that he could get a human form. The task was difficult and took much more reiatsu out of both of them than Ryuuhei had expected and when it was done, the shark/seraphim part of Mizuro ended up attacking the newly 'human' Mizuro of which Ryuuhei struck down.

He returned the captain to his division and the two of them were healed. 

Afterward, Ryuuhei learned of his former captain's presence in Seireitei and went on to find that the man was taking on Lorcian's punishment. He wasn't happy about it but Ryuuhei made certain to stay there and provide support for the man while Kokoro performed his duties as they were appointed to him by Kiyoshi. In the middle of the punishment, Ryuuhei and Kokoro are protected by Mizuro to keep them from being harmed by the reiatsu being pushed around in the square after Shinya heard of what was going on. Ryuuhei told Kokoro that he knew that it was him under there and that he wasn't upset with him for having gone on with what it was that Kiyoshi had asked him to do. 

Going on, Ryuuhei requested to speak with Captain Raidon for a recommendation to be a captain himself. The man had him explain why it was that he thought himself worthy of being a captain and Ryuuhei went on to state that he wanted to turn the 11th around in how it was operated and tried to state that he wanted to do this not just for himself but for what he thought Higosha wanted him to do. 

Raidon gave him a small chance. 

The two of them met up in a training field where Ryuuhei was battered to within an inch of his life, being shown that he did not possess the strength nor the proficiency to fight against someone like Raidon and hope to ever win. He took the beating gracefully and tried to analyze it in his mind later that night at Hiroku's empty home [the man having gone to Xcution for a month-long mission], trying to pin point where it was that he had messed up and worked to plan out a training regimine that would rectify that. 

A few days later, he met up with Higosha once more while in the 11th's training area, mulling over how he had simply left Hiroku in Rukia's office like that after asking him for his help. He felt guilty and didn't notice Higosha until the man was nearly hit by one of his 'Meteor' attacks. The two of them engaged in a spar after Ryuuhei let it slip that he was worried about his future with Hiroku as well as with any Division at all. Not wanting to dishonor his father, Ryuuhei answered that he wasn't taking the 11th because he wanted to have power but because he wanted to be able to protect those that he loved from harm. He promised to fight to get there, no matter what the price. 

Not long after that night, he finds a Guy Fawkes mask in Seireitei and finds that the owner is none other than Neiro Yamada. He spoke about starting a rebellion against the forces that commanded Soul Society and Ryuuhei did what he could to discourage this kind of behavior, trying to get the other to understand that his endeavor might gain him quite a few enemies in the long run. Ryuuhei reluctantly took the mask and tied it to his belt. 

In the same day, he met a new shinigami by the name of Heisuke. The two of them were very friendly with each other to the point of being inappropriate and, when Ryuuhei thought he had actually been doing rather well for himself, he made a huge mistake. 

Ryuuhei slept with Heisuke. 

The morning afterward, Ryuuhei woke up falling off of the bed and felt immensely guilty for what it was that had happened between the two of them. He agreed to still remain friends with Heisuke but the two of them would have to keep from doing anything to mess things up for either of them. He went to speak with Shin later that day and showed the captain, while attempting to prove that he was a good choice for captain. He pulled the man into his inner world to show what he could do via the help of his zanpakuto, showing what he believed was his future bankai to the man. Pulling him out after showing the bit of Alpha Centauri, Ryuuhei stumbled and slammed his head on Shin's desk, the other man offering to heal it.

After attempting to help Shinya and the other senior officers with Azzuro, the seraphim leaving a horrible warning and reminder to Seireitei, Ryuuhei met up with Hiroku again. He was surprised by the changes in the other shinigami and even moreso when he realized how much colder Hiroku had gotten toward him. He confessed what it was that he had done with Heisuke after Elegon had prompted him to do so and found that Hiroku was more than willing to be done with him. He managed to pull Hiroku into his inner world and the two of them shared their own worst memories with one another. 

Ryuuhei ended up, a few weeks later, going to see Caomei who announced to Higosha that she was pregnant. It wasn't much longer afterward that Shinya and Kiyoshi had their fight, making Ryuuhei rather proud of Shinya for becoming Captain Commander. He and Nanami congratulated the man and were on their way for the duration of the day.

Upon finishing a spar with a new member of the 11th, Shuo Gisai, Ryuuhei wandered over to the thirteenth division to flirt with Hiroku. The flirting ended up with him proposing to Hiroku and the other saying yes. This was not planned by Ryuuhei but he rather liked it and was committed to seeing it through. 

It seemed like all was well until the Seraphim began tearing down the barrier that Shinya had put up over the Seireitei not much longer after Ryuuhei's proposal to Hiroku. Ryuuhei showed his support to Shinya and, just as he was about to go on toward battle, felt Kokoro's reiatsu going wild. Seeing the man dead tore at Ryuuhei's heart, the same man that he had actually lost his virginity to, and the Celestial had killed the seraphim that had taken Kokoro's life by ripping her still beating heart out of her chest and then used his reiatsu to freeze dry it. He returned to Kokoro's body and moved it out of the way so that the man wouldn't be damaged. Ryuuhei did take one of the lifeless zanpakuto blades with him, leaving the other for Korren, Kokoro's new love. 

Not long after finding Kokoro, Ryuuhei and Hiroku engaged in a fight with the seraphim, Gavriel. The two of them won the extensive battle but not without numerous injuries to themselves, resulting in Ryuuhei having to carry Hiroku to the Fourth Division. While there, Hiroku and himself were healed by the new Captain Azumi and, after attempting to leave the Division, was punched out by Elden Blackwolf who explained that Ryuuhei was of better use if he didn't go out into battle getting himself even more injured than he was previously.

Following Hiroku's example, he went to Xcution where he met Kaiser Jaeger, a spiritually aware human with a bit of a crush on Hiroku, and seemingly became fast friends with the man. While he was there, he wasn't on vacation. Ryuuhei helped with the other injured in the manor, the ones who were sent there after having not been seen in the 4th or over at Las Noches. He took only a single hour out of the night so that he could use his own reiatsu to forge a ring out of meteorite for Hiroku's wedding ring. 

The next morning, Ryuuhei was given a muscle relaxer by Levanin, making him rather clumsy throughout the day while Hiroku was extremely nervous. The ceremony was quiet and ministered by Rukia Kuchiki. After they were done with the ceremony, Ryuuhei enjoyed a quiet night with Hiroku before returning with him to the Seireitei. Their interlude was cut short by having to return to the battlefield but they were able to show that they were going to take full advantage of their remaining days, even if they were possibly far shorter with the Seraphim around. 

Astra CaelumEdit

Shortly after getting married to Hiroku, Ryuuhei was taken by the seraphim to their own realm along with several others from Las Noches, World of the Living, and even Seireitei. He wasn't messed with for a few days, mostly speaking to Laelia or Levanin while he was there. It wasn't until Naz'Kitai decided to target him, Levanin, and Cameron. 

This same seraphim endulged in physical and mental torture by taking the form of Hiroku Shikuga so that she could achieve her desired affects. The overall torture resulted in Ryuuhei gaining 12% seraphim reiatsu to go with the reiatsu that was pushed into him by Higosha, skeleton tattoos on his back where pure white wings appear when he's very emotionally riled, and his eyes turning red with his hair going a darker black.

After he was tortured, he was left to the forested room with the rest of the occupants of the seraphim base where he was healed by Laelia and generously fed before being pushed into another round of torture by the same seraphim from before. This second round resulted in the gaining of an instinctual fear of doors being slammed open/closed and the fear of being left alone in the dark. The fear of doors triggers an extreme response of fear from him, usually ending with him backing into a corner or even triggering a panic attack. 

Along with the others, he was freed from Astra Caelum by Alvaro Lobo and Felix Firenzo but he didn't leave before requesting that Alvaro rip the wings from his back. Because of this, he ended up asking Felix what he was, to which the arrancar told him he was a shinigami still while Alvaro offered him refuge if Ryuuhei decided to renounce his shinigami status. 

On his way out, Ryuuhei caught sight of Higosha, who told Ryuuhei to take care of Caomei. 

Gotei 13: Part TwoEdit

Returning to the Seireitei, Ryuuhei practically crash lands in the Kobayashi Clan gardens where he's found and helped. Not long after he finds out that he has a low white blood cell count and Azumi gives him a medicine that will help with this, he is now on medication that he must take for a year before the condition clears up. 

A few days later, he meets up with the new Captain Commander, not long after hearing of Shinya's death, and speaks with her. She instructs him to rebuild the 11th and, with several members of the squad that still remain, Ryuuhei did just that, working even late into the night since he has issues with sleeping correctly. 

It wasn't until Azumi visited the 11th with haoris did he find out he had been promoted to be the captain of the 8th Division. After he was finished working at the 11th, he made his way over to the strangely still-standing 8th Division barracks and met with the remaining lieutenant, Hyoudou Issei. Ryuuhei gave the other a chance to explain general personality as well as how the other's work ethic went before promptly booting him from the position, clearly unhappy with the excuses he was given.

Not long afterward, Ryuuhei interviewed a few people from his own division and finally decided on Yoru Tsukiyumi to be his lieutenant. Once Levanin returned to the Seireitei, Ryuuhei chartered his help with creating the barracks of the 8th Division, making it airborne so that it now floats over Seireitei and over where the barrier Shinya made had once been. 

Starting his plans on the new purpose for the 8th Division, Ryuuhei visted Azumi with models of airships for the 8th's new purpose, hoping to begin a new Royal Seireitei Air Force to guard against air attacks, help transport unseated and seated officers to far-off missions, transport Rukongai citizens, and even stand as a warning for Shinigami in the event of another air strike. Azumi seemed incredibly interested in the idea and Ryuuhei allowed her all the creative freedom for the airships that she would like, especially seeing that she already had several designs drawn up for it.

Along with this, Ryuuhei has met several new shinigami as well as become reacquainted with some that he hasn't seen in a while, namely ones like Heisuke, the same shinigami that he cheated on Hiroku with.

Not much longer after that, his father, Higosha, reappeared in Seireitei. Allowing the other to speak with Caomei before he made his way down there, Ryuuhei made the mistake of brushing his wing against Higosha's back, earning himself a kick to the skull where he promptly fell back against a wall. The impact caused a support beam from the roof of the division to fall and slam into Caomei and put her in premature labor. 

Since she was already malnourished and rather weak, her reiatsu began to rapidly accelerate the growth of the twins inside of her so that they could survive. After the twins were born, both the little boy and girl laying in Ryuuhei's arms, he cried for his lost friend and the despair of his father and lieutenant. Ryuuhei named them Himawari Banteki [the little girl] and Kiui Banteki [the little boy]. 

After Caomei's death, Ryuuhei had to keep Yoru from losing his mind to the darkness of his own soul, only barely succeeding in not having his own be engulfed in it. Later, Ryuuhei buried Caomei next to Kokoro, where he also laid Dokusabi's last blade on the grave for the shinigami. Ryuuhei also left a tiny constellation on the grave and lit it up to the night sky. While he was there, Ryuuhei came across a small race of rabbit-like beings that were very surprised at seeing his wings, since he had taken them out to place a few feathers down for Kokoro. These creatures were Mognettes and were very attached to Ryuuhei almost immediately. 

He decided to take them to the 8th Division so that they could have a place to stay. Since the Mognettes were mostly self-sufficient with the only need being food in the form of walnuts, Ryuuhei was left to take care of the twins even as Higosha began his attack on Renji. Ryuuhei did not leave the 8th Division out of fear that he would only be in the way.

Afterward, though, he brought the twins to his father and let them meet him, where Ryuuhei was also given the request to respect any and all punishments that Higosha was given and not to fight the authorities on it. Reluctantly taking the order, Ryuuhei left the office where Higosha was but not before grabbing one of the man's Shihakusho tops and an extra haori so that he could wrap the babies in them. It was also so that they would have something of their father for when they were older.

Upon recovering enough to stand, Yoru moved to train once more only to be caught by Ryuuhei. The captain understood what it was that was going on but found himself very unhappy with what it was his lieutenant was doing, including ignoring Hikaru. Ryuuhei lost his temper and began beating the injured man, trying to knock some sense into him while being injured himself. It wasn't until Ryuuhei realized what it was he had done and being stopped by Hikaru that he stopped and healed his injuries before taking Yoru to the 4th Division.

It was there that Ryuuhei finally let it out that he felt that he was ill equipped to be able to take care of Himawari. He was shocked to see that Hikaru had become very attached to the twins in the time that they had them and Ryuuhei ended up having to admit that he was planning to put her up for adoption.

That night, Ryuuhei ended up being visited by both Levanin and Yoru and, after a long and difficult decision making process, he allowed her to be adopted by Levanin. Ryuuhei was left with taking care of Kiui, unable to bring himself to let the young boy go. 


[+2][+2]{{{hakuda bonus}}}[+2][+2]{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 13 [+2]
REI 14 [+2]
HAK 14
SEI 13 [+2]
BUK 14 [+2]
HOH 14
Base points 40
Earned 42 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 82

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities via stats:Edit

  • Can use spells 1-64
  • Can use Shunpo
  • Has Shikai and Bankai
Sovereignty by las t-d35uk00

Elegon; humanoid form.


Elegon. The hilt is wrapped in blue-white silk with a circular

Tsuba design.

tsuba decorated with bits of diamonds to mimic a galaxy. The center has a rather large diamond in it so that the actual blade looks as though it's bursting through the middle of the tiny galaxy that it's in.

The sheath is designed in much of the same fashion, looking quite like the asteroid belt of the milky way. There are a few references to Saturn's rings around the sheath in the way that the ties and bindings are done in the same color pattern as the rings themselves.

At the very tip of the sheath is a meteorite like-material that encases the end of the sheath, making it much easier for Ryuuhei to implement the sheath into standard self-defense maneuvers. 


Zanpakuto Spirit:Edit

In the shape of a traditional Chinese dragon, Elegon is a transparent dragon spirit with lines residing inside to mimic a constellation. Normally appearing in blue, the dragon has been known to show up as red when the fancy strikes him. Elegon can be a rather flamboyant spirit, finding things to be a little more or less enjoyable than normal. Its pride is dangerous and the way it carries itself when manifested away from Ryuuhei can be a little on the aggravating side. Elegon doesn't like to watch his mouth and has an ego the size of Texas.

Elegon also has a very elegant human form. When in this form, he is built similarly to Ryuuhei with a darker skin tone, very reminiscent of a traditional Japanese man with light blue eyes and long black hair. He wears several outfits when like this and the most prominent being with a furred collar. There are dragon tattoos around his shoulders, back and neck, going up to his forehead and over his left cheek.


Inner World

Inner World:Edit

Just like his Zanpakutō spirit, his inner world is based on space and looks similar to it. Some areas are much less like space in the fact that a person can stand and move around  with little to no trouble. People with a high reiryoku stat [above 5] can find it rather easy to deal with the weightlessness whereas someone with a lower stat [below 5] would have a difficult time standing and would spend much of the time actually floating as though in zero gravity. 

There's a space station with large, petal-like spikes that flow out of the rounded, planet-like center. There, in the middle, Elegon normally rests on the planet, letting the spike rotate sluggishly around him with gentle azure lights pulsing softly around him. 



星当, エレゴン (Hoshi atemi, Elegon, *Starstrike, Elegon*) The blade turns to stars with a lithe blue casing around it to simulate a blade. The very tip of the blade has a long, thin gut hook attached to it which could be very-well used to slip the blade into rib cages, catch the bone, and break the bone from within the bod. In the day, it looks more like a glass sword than anything else. At night it looks like a mixture of different stars all pushed together to look like a blade. While it may look a bit fragile, it is just as strong as any other sword to be found.

It's abilities are very similar to another shinigami in the way that it moves. When Ryuuhei commands, the blade can dissolve into a 'whip' of stars that burn the enemy as well as slice them. The tsuba changes so that it turns into a galaxy that shields Ryuuhei's sword arm from harm. It cannot move any further than his sword arm and cannot shield his chest or upper body. Ryuuhei can keep moving with attacks in swift succession, up to but not always ten attacks.

In symbolism, Ryuuhei is protecting himself with his pride, beauty and overall attitude; the stars are lies, illusions, distractions, charades, ect. a pretty point of light to take people's focus away from the massive blackness. It's the echoing memories of happiness and light, it's movement and light bundling into beautiful, meaningless chaos.

Ryuuseibusshitsu [Meteor]Edit

Name 流星物質 (Ryuuseibusshitsu, Meteor)
Type Offensive
Cost Low
Stat Rei, Buk
Range Mid to Long

When the sword is in its whip state, Ryuuhei can grab a hold of the very end of the sword’s whip length to light up an area and bring out a meteor made of reiatsu to fling at the enemy. This utilizes the whip to help sling the meteor toward the opponent as if it were a slingshot. This does not mean that the aim is better, but Ryuuhei can choose to ‘blast’ the meteor to turn it into smaller projectiles while in mid-flight. This, however, does not always happen and is left largely to chance. These meteors are no bigger than a basketball in regards to their size.

Dosei no Wa [Rings of Saturn]Edit

Name 土星の環 (Dosei no wa, Rings of Saturn)
Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat Rei, Sei
Range Short to Mid

The sword can be in either its whip or sword state, either can be used. This ability is simply easier on the user when it’s in whip state. Upon hitting the opponent four times, Ryuuhei can use the points of impact to leave tiny, temporary constellations on his opponents if he so chooses. 

By leaving these temporary constellations, he can create rings with his reiatsu so that he can bind the opponent and constrict to leave physical damage.The damage is coming from his Reiryoku stat, so any and all damage would be up to how his Reiryoku stat holds up against his opponent. If the opponent’s is higher than his, Ryuuhei’s attack would be very easy to get out of, simply slashing or breaking out of it completely.



Bankai activation.

お前たちに 銀河を 示す, エレゴン (omaetachi ni zanga o shimesu, *Show them the galaxy, Elegon*) Ryuuhei's bankai is a more violent version of Elegon's shikai. To activate, Ryuuhei drops his sword straight down where the tip touches the ground and the blade 'shatters'.  

Upon shattering, the surrounding area becomes dark as night, and within seconds, the darkness is lit with thousands of stars and galaxies. The exact number of these galaxies and stars are unknown however they can be seen moving toward the enemy. As they move the air like torrents of waves, they give off the appearance of snow flowing swiftly along the wind.

While in the dome, Ryuuhei cannot travel away from the center, he can, however, turn in a 360. In that small area, there's a 'hurtless area' for about 18 inches away from his main body. 

The dome that keeps the user and the opponent inside of it's walls is dense enough so that very little can get out of it; water can be shot against it and only a small mist can get through. This dome resembles a planetarium, hence the name, but does little to harm or protect, if at all. It takes up an area equivalent to one football [american] field in which the user and opponent may do battle.


Bankai Dome

This dome also mimics space in the way that it has about the same temperature, -273 Celsius or -459 Fahrenheit. The longest that Ryuuhei can stand to be inside of the planetarium is thirty to forty-five minutes. The opponent can take damage, but it depends on if their reiryoku level is equal to or less than Ryuuhei's. If it is less, there's a good possibility that they will take more damage. If it is more, they will take round about the same amount as his. This temperature allows for chunks of his 'planets' or space rock to be covered in ice.

These stars and planets can burn and damage the enemy while being mentally controlled by Ryuuhei, they can also be used as defense by forming a shield similar to the rings of Saturn. While Ryuuhei can control the stars with his mind alone, using his hands allows him to do so more effectively, making the stars increase in speed threefold.

His bankai is his true self, massive dead and dying stars. The chill of space becoming even more biting as there is no beauty and there is no hope, only a slow and, no less visible, irreversible decline. In his bankai's Planetarium, Ryuuhei allows himself to show how he truly is, a cold and threateningly devastating man.

Ryuuhei's decorations completely vanish, his hair is flat and unmoving, there are no piercings to be seen. He shows little to no emotion, simply standing there and existing while he moves his body to direct the stars. He'll be wearing just a simple uniform, no haori [if he happens to be wearing one that day], no shoes and no extra clothing other than what's necessary for his uniform, all of it black.

Inside the dome, the opponent has the ability to move within it's range. The only one unable to move is Ryuuhei himself, he is completely and irrevocably locked in the center of his bankai.

Ryuuseibusshitsura [Meteora]Edit

Name 流星物質ら (Ryuuseibusshitsura, Meteora)
Type Offensive
Cost Moderate
Stat Rei, Sei
Range Mid to Long

This one is one of the strongest in the way that it brings a barrage of meteorites created by his artificial galaxy of a bankai to bombard the enemy. It either does high non-elemental damage, or hits for mediocre damage multiple times. Meteora's downgraded form is Meteor [playing off of the shikai version], which sometimes acts as a replacement for Meteora when said attack is not able to be used for whatever reason.

In the coldness of his bankai, these can sometimes be covered in ice. Unlike with the shikai version, these would be around half the size of a normal four door car.

For this ability, Ryuuhei must hold his hands above his head to 'channel' the meteors for around 5 to 6 seconds. These meteors are completely dodge-able and they can be sliced through. 

Dosei no Owari [Death of Saturn]Edit

Name 土星の終わり, (Dosei no owari, Death of Saturn)
Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat Rei, Sei
Range Long

This simulates the death of a massive star. The supernova may be many times brighter than Meteora when put against the dark backdrop it has due to the original bankai. The brightness itself could cause the opponent to lose their sight for a couple of seconds but no longer than that, allowing them to move about in the area. 

The attack itself is very visually similar to the 'Rings of Saturn' from his shikai and appear around the opponent as if they were Saturn itself. The rings themselves begin to close in on the opponent to 'die' with them as though it were a large star system dying. 

It deals heavy burn-like damage and can be dodged if the enemy can get out of the blast radius in time, this type of dodging can normally include having to shunpo out of the region. This explosion may end up containing massive chunks of ice, rock, as well as other asteroid matter around the size of a small car.

Kentaurusu Suwaru Arufa Hoshi [Alpha Centauri]Edit

Name ケンタウルス座アルファ星 (Kentaurusu Suwaru Arufa Hoshi, Alpha Centauri)
Type Offensive
Cost High to Critical
Stat Rei, Sei
Range Long

While known as the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus, known as Proxima, it can be easily replicated by Ryuuhei's bankai. Using his reiatsu to link the three 'planets' together, Ryuuhei can create a cero-like blast of energy to fire at the enemy.

If it were to hit them, it would be a nearly certain kill depending on their reiryoku stat, used their own abilities to cut through the energy beam, shunpoed at the last second, or had high enough reiatsu to remain mostly unharmed. It would look like the equivalent of an atomic blast.

It is completely dodge-able, which means that this ability is more of a personal risk toward the user, rendering Ryuuhei much weaker than when the fight first began.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Ryuuhei's theme song is Deceiver of the Gods by Amon Amarth.
  • His first name means 'Dragon Constellation' and his last name means 'well of wisteria'. 
  • Ryuuhei's voice actor would be Clifton Collins Jr.
  • His face claim is Toshizo Hijikata Hakouki Shinsengumi Kitan.
  • Amon Amarth "Deceiver of the Gods" (OFFICIAL)

    Amon Amarth "Deceiver of the Gods" (OFFICIAL)

    His natural hair color is black but he dyes the red into it after bleaching it, quite the daunting task for someone with as thick and long hair as his.
  • Ryuuhei was originally planned as a hybrid character for another roleplay between Byakuya Kuchiki and Renji Abarai.
  • Ryuuhei wears Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction cologne. 
  • He cannot stand stoners at all. He will be guaranteed to get into an argument with them.
  • He has a hair fetish. His hair, someone else's hair, he doesn't give a shit. 
  • His two best friends are Suiren and Kokoro; Hiroku becoming another, but is his lover. 
  • Ryuuhei had a huge crush on his Captain, but knows that he has little to no chance with the man. He would have about as much of a chance with Raidon as he does with his Captain.
  • The above fact would make Ryuuhei look foolish since he knows now that his Captain was a man who saved him when he was younger as well as the one that gave him his last name, making Higosha his dad!
  • His favorite food is anything with fruit in it.
  • He enjoys the smell of vanilla, fresh cut grass, and peaches. 
  • Kokoro's scent is similar to 'new car' and thus, Ryuuhei favors it.
  • His favorite pokemon would be Arcanine and Ninetails.
  • Ryuuhei rather likes the Aeonium Cyclops flower, feeling that the dark edges and light center look quite like a galaxy.
  • His bankai has a theme! It's Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine. 


  • Normal new appearance due to Higosha's reiatsu's strength and effects:
  • Normal/previous appearance album below:
  • An old photo of Ryuuhei and Kokoro.
  • Bankai appearance; holding Alpha Centauri.