The Hospitallers are a group of survivors that have set up shop in the Atlanta Zoo, and have claimed the entirety of Atlanta as their territory. Anyone wishing to live there must either join them, or pay tribute, or die. They are the kings and rulers of Atlanta, with none being more so than Tyler. They believe it is their god given mission to rebuild mankind in their own image, as they are the only one's still pure.


Tyler's word is the word of god. Obey or be killed.

Weakness cannot be tolerated. Remain strong or be killed.

Treachery will not be tolerated. Remain loyal or be killed.

Mercy will not be tolerated. Show mercy and be killed.

Cowardice will not be tolerated. Show mercy and be killed.

And most of all, impurities will not be tolerated. Reveal your flaws and be killed.


Tyler Garcia- Leader and prophet.

Jonah McCarty- Was exiled after he refused to leave his dead brother.

Luke McCarty- Jonah's twin brother, committed suicide.

Alexander Hicks- Refused to fight, was beaten and exiled.

Brendan Garcia- Was bitten, arm was amputated, thrown in Tiger exhibit and devoured for having an impurity.

Bethany Catranides - An anomoly and a fighter... period.