Leader of the Hospitallers

"The strong survive, the weak get eaten. Be strong. Because if I catch you being weak, I will throw you out into the streets."
Full Name Tyler Garcia
Aliases/Nickname Captain Ahab

The Prophet

Gender Male
Race Human
Orientation Straight
Birthday Nov 12
Hometown Athens Georgia
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Complexion Hispanic
Play By Jorge Daniel Pardo
"Charles Manson fucked Sparta, and out popped this crazy S.O.B" Jonah describing Tyler to the rest of the Atlanta Revival Movement.


Seen as a little bit unhinged, when Tyler feels someone is a danger to them he becomes borderline obsessive over the target. Tyler will either leave them in the streets, or toss them in an animal cage, the latter usually being done quite often ot keep the animals from starving.

Tyler sees himself as a prophet, and considers himself and his soldiers holy warriors, and anyone who opposes them as enemies of god. Furthermore, anyone wishing to dwell in Atlanta must take on the brand of Tyler's gang, or else be killed.

Despite his unhinged nature, Tyler is seen as the only person who knows how to survive in the apocalypse, and due to this everyone obeys him completely and entirely.


  • I will not be forgotten
    This is my time to shine
    I've got the scars to prove it
    Only the strong survive
    I'm not afraid of dying
    Everyone has their time
    Life never favored weakness
    Welcome to the pride- The Pride, Five Finger Death Punch. Pretty much Tyler's theme song.